LRX II Specifications

  • Option of using 6K HMI Bulbs, 12K HMI Bulbs, 12K Tungsten Bulbs (dimmable) or any combination thereof.
  • Electronic Ballasts (dimmable & flicker free operation).
  • Lighting array rotates 360 deg.
  • Individual lamps pan 180 deg. and tilt 120 deg.
  • Smooth transition from narrow spot to wide flood.
  • Mounted on 120' Crane with articulating jib
  • Wireless lamp control with hard-wire back-up.
  • Gel frame holders that feature zero light kick back mounted to each head.
  • Silenced Generator
  • Sets up within its own footprint. No additional space required to erect lighting structure.

Patent Pending

LRX II Specifications


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