LRX Fresnel


6K, 12K or 18K Daylight or 12K, 20K or 24K Tungsten

Lens / UV-Protection Glass Diameter-  625 mm / 24.6"

Accepts standard 29" scrims and LRX color correction and diffusion filters.

The LRX Fresnel incorporates two types of bulb mounting systems within one fixture. These fixtures are designed to accept industry standard Daylight or Tungsten lamps with a G38 base.

Other features also include the latest in position control with the robotics built right into the fixture, external DMX addressing, on-board power for the LRX Trolley, our exclusive certified easy mount, mounting system, front door access interlock to ensure power is removed from the HMI contacts, a gel frame holder that is securely fastened to the fixture. All this adds up to one very dynamic multi-source light.

The fixture can be mounted on most aerial lifts, using our approved truss mounting system or any standard type truss, mounted in any location, only limited by your imagination (cantilevered from rooftops, hung in ceilings, etc.) Our positive fixture mounting means no chance of movement or weathervane from the wind.

Once the fixture is in place, focusing can be done quickly & safely from the supplied hardwired DMX hand controller, optional wireless controller, or your DMX lighting console letting you put light exactly where you need it without the worry of operator safety, exposure or costly time delays created by accessibility issues.

Add our LRX Trolley to the package and give yourself yet another dimension of control to your lights.

Patent Pending

Lamp Installation Video

Available Downloads

LRX Fresnel Lamp Height Adjustment 

LRX Fresnel Brochure

LRX Fresnel Manual


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