LRX Raptors

LRX Raptor


The design concept of using par 64 bulbs in this type of arrangement has proven itself time and time again. The Raptor head is an advance forward in safety and remote position- ability where sets are built after the lighting is installed and focusing could be a difficult or time consuming task. Tilt, pan, beam spread and the optional trolley are operated from our hand controller or any DMX type lighting console.

Raptor GelInsert

Fixture Features

  • Eighteen - par 64 bulbs arranged on five panels.
  • Eighteen kilowatt total per fixture.
  • Change density without dimming; for flexibility the fixture has been wired to accept three nineteen pin Socapex cables, one bulb (8.3 amps) per circuit.
  • Robotics built in, just hang the light and it is ready to go.
  • Pan - 340 degrees non continuous.
  • Tilt - horizontal (zero degrees) to minus 120 degrees.
  • Focus - additional flexibility has been added to provide control of the beam spread. The centre lamp panel is fixed; the mid and outer can be collectively rotated away from the centre to provide an additional thirty degrees of coverage. (fifteen degrees per side)
  • Pre-wired to mate with LRX powered I beam trolley.
  • Positive bulb retaining rings including integrated grills for extra safety.
  • Gel frame holders accept two 48” X 66” frames.
  • Easy external touchpad DMX addressing.
  • Our exclusive easy to mount, mounting system. (Patent pending).
  • Convenient hand controller that can control up to thirty two fixtures.
  • Power to operate robotics - 110/120 Volts AC - 50/60 Hertz - non dimmed line.
  • Weight 170 pounds.

Raptors on 200 crane with rotator

With features like: robotics built right into the fixture, external DMX addressing, par 64 type lamps and our exclusive easy mount, mounting system and more, all add up to no wasted time. The fixture can be mounted on most aerial lifts, using our approved condor mounting system or any place that a truss can be installed, (cantilevered from rooftops, hung in ceilings, etc.)

Raptors on Merlo

Our positive fixture mounting means no chance of movement or weathervane from the wind. Once the fixture is in place, focusing can be done quickly & safely from the supplied hardwired DMX hand controller or your DMX system, letting you put light exactly where you want, without the worry of operator safety or exposure.

Patent Pending

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