LRX Correction Filters


Custom Colours Available.

Filters fit Industry standard 29 Inch Diameter scrim holders.  22.5" (M90) to 29" adapters available. 

LRX Extreme Temperature Correction Filters

  • ¼ CTO
  • ½ CTO
  • Full CTO
  • Cyan 30
  • Cyan 60
  • ¼ Plus Green
  • ½ Plus Green
  • ½ CTB (Blue)
  • Steel Blue
  • Half White Diffusion (250)
  • Full White Diffusion (216)

Correction filters that never shift or burn out!

At LRX LIGHTING we have been working for years trying to solve the problems with color correction in front of high output lamps. Standard gel material bleaches back to clear in a very short period of time and on occasion will burn through. Eliminate costly and time consuming gel changes, which could be several times throughout the shooting day and reduce the environmental impact caused by used filter material.

Extreme Temperature Correction Filters are a new patent pending process that uses thermally fused prismatic coating and embeds it into the Pyrex lens at an extreme high temperature. The coating has a life expectancy of at least 10 years; this means no colour shifts through your shooting days, months or years.

Patent Pending

LRX Hard Filters Daily Checklist



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