Driveable Vertical Mast Lift Rental

DVL and MVL Series

Driveable Vertical Mast Lifts (DVL) and Manoeuvrable Vertical Mast Lifts (MVL) are compact and maneuverable lifting machines, designed for efficient operation in tight places and narrow aisles.


  • 12 Volt DC Power
  • Will pass through 32" x 80" doorway
  • Single joystick drive & steer controls
  • Variable speed elevation controls
  • Non-Marking tires
  • 350lbs Platform Capacity

DVL specifications

MVL specifications

A DVL/MVL lift is optimized for indoor use, the non-marking tires and 12 Volt power source mean that you can operate the DVL/MVL inside without having to worry about any gas fumes, or scuffing the floor with the tires.

Both models of lifts are great options if you need elevated access to a single point, or multiple points throughout the day. Since DVLs and MVLs are so easily manoeuvrable, you can move your workspace on the fly, making DVLs and MVLs a great option for electricians, general contractors, and more.


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