Electric Scissor Lifts Rental

At Dwight Crane we have 10 different sizes of DC electric indoor scissor lifts for you to choose from.

Looking for an outdoor lift? No problem! Check out our rough terrain scissor lifts.

For the technical specifications on all of our electric scissor lifts, download our Electric Scissor Specifications PDF Electric Scissor Specifications

14ft Height

At 14’ these electric scissor lifts are the smallest lifts we offer.

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19ft Height

19' Electric Scissor Lifts   These compact units are excellent at getting into those tight spaces and still...

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20ft Height

20' Electric Scissor Lifts   Like the 19’ lift, our 20’ scissor lifts are capable of fitting through a...

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24ft Height

  The 24' scissor lifts we offer provide a wider deck space than our 20’ lifts, and can reach a full 30'...

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26ft Height

Our standard 26' scissor lifts provide a sturdy work platform for any application.

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30ft Height

  Our 30’ electric scissor lifts are great for general indoor usage on flat surfaces.

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32ft Height

The 32' standard scissor is an excellent piece of machinery, and provides one of the largest decks in our DC Electric...

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39ft Height

  The 39' electric scissor lifts offer a comparable working height to our 40' electric scissors with a narrower...

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40ft Height

  Our 40' electric scissor lifts are the largest indoor electric powered scissor lifts that we offer.

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