Engine Powered Articulating Boom Lifts

Reduced-emissions fuel-efficient Tier 4 engine, All-Terrain wheels for outdoor performance and improved multi-functional capability.

For the technical specifications of our various boom lifts, and assembly instructions for our condor LRX lighting mount, please visit the following links:

Condor Mount Assembly Instructions

45ft Reach

45' Rough Terrain Articulating Booms   At 45’, this is the smallest rough terrain lift we offer.

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60ft Reach

With a platform height of 60’ and a working height of 66’, this unit is ideal for outdoor construction,...

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80ft Reach

80' Rough Terrain Articulating Booms     At 80’, this unit is our second largest articulating boom lift.

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125ft Reach

  The 125’ lift is the largest rough terrain articulating boom we offer.

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